No matter how well you plan, travel holds the potential for unwanted surprises. Pakland Travels prepare for the unexpected by relying on our partners, Travelling for Pilgrimage should only be about focusing on the Holy activities and your trip should be free of the worldly worries. Let General take care of your trip related worries. Multi-purpose World-wide plans, we now bring to you  Travel Insurance. Also You may call us: +92 41 2624747.

Travel Assistance:


  • Accidental Death & Permanent Disability
  • Hospitilization
  • Burial & Repatriation (In case of Natural death only)
  • Loss of Checked in Baggage

The above are the normal considerations, but have you also thought of the many unexpected related possibilities that could end your anticipated trip and lose you your tour purchase:

  • Worker strike at the international airlines you are booked with.
  • You fall on a hotel stairway and break a leg.
  • A storm closes your home airport and your tour starts without you! Your child or even your travel companion becomes sick just before you are ready to leave.
  • You arrive at your destination and your luggage is lost or damaged.
  • Your luggage is lost or delayed and you have no clothes, or other necessities so you have to purchase whatever you need.

These are just a few of the problems you don’t want to have to worry about. So in these very uncertain times in which we live, it is not very smart to travel anywhere without insurance. Travel Insurance buys one of the most important aspects of your journey…knowing that your paid trip investment is safe and secure. So it should be the first thing you secure when you make your travel plans.

Just as an umbrella is protection against bad weather, so is travel insurance the best way to eliminate worry about these problems so we highly recommend you add it to your travel plan.

We suggest Travel Insured – a company that we think offers you an excellent choice of plans to suit your needs and your budget. And what is more important when traveling than security and the knowledge that no matter happens, you are covered for all eventualities.


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